"I told God a lot about you, then I cried."
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Never alone.


Never alone.

Mungkin Hanya Awak Yang Faham

Di bibir manusia jujur 
hanya ada dua kata:
fakta dan rahasia.

Dia tak butuh berbohong 
untuk menyimpan rahasianya
rahasia yang berisi fakta-fakta 
yang bila dia ucapkan melalui kata-kata
kau akan terluka.

Maka dia tetap membiarkannya
menjadi rahasia 
meski faktanya
dirinya sendiri yang harus terluka.

Norman Adi Satri

I would like to be there for all my friends especially when they’re facing something big in their lives. 

But I take it we’re not even friends anymore.

Note to all who have good friends of the opposite gender, don’t cross the line if you aren’t dead serious.

The phrase “point-of-no-return” was made for that situation.

Doubt he’ll even read this but at least I’ve put it out there.

Happy Monday folks.  

"I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself."
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A message from Anonymous
Salam brother, I keep hearing stuff about this isis? I barely know anything about it because i hate listening to the BS news out there but would like to because of how frequently i hear people speak of it. I value your opinion above the twisted media nowadays so i just want to know who what where etc about it if u can sum it all up for me?Jazak Allahu Khair
A reply from arabswagger

Waleikum Al Salam.

Of course, ISIS is the result of up to 200 years of Colonial investment in the Middle East and reactionary Fundamentalism.

Fundamentalism within Sunni circles can be rooted in the Salafist movement in the Arabian Peninsula and then packaged and restructured by the teachings of Muhammad Abdoh, and Jamal Ad-Din Al Afghani that began as a pedestal for movements like the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Over the years, this political vacuum for Islamic fundamentals has given way for militant groups to form that have broken off from Political parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood and also a knee jerk reaction to Desert Kingdoms like Saudi Arabia that have Islamic inspired legal codes shrouded in Bedouin culture and rooted in a Civil Legal code issued by British forces.

This has allowed for counter-kingdom forces like Al Qaeda to flourish but also expand outside of the Middle East led by Intelligence agents that sought Islamic Educations but sought to recruit and use disgruntled youth in a mirage of an “Islamic Revival”. Such a militia and organization is no more than a self destructive cancer that seeks to destroy the academic and intellectual traditions of Islam but also to dumb them down to demonize Muslims as a whole. Muslims are seen as a civilizational threat to the Western world, and have been routinely attacked since the Crusades, there should be no surprise, European and American leaders have carried on this tradition and have justified their demonizing campaign to their very citizens. 

On one end, Fundamentalism is a trend in the Middle East that has been encouraged and funded by European powers over the years to be able to act as a countering force against Traditional Islam, either created through intelligence agencies or other forces.

It is used as a marring tool to not only hijack the teachings of Islam but also to constantly justify the exploitation of the Middle East through routine invasions and other spheres of Power. 

In conclusion, ISIS is just a result of these groups and also a perfect tool to be able to inherit the very weaponry of the United States’ army conviniently left by them, gently allowing the Drones sent in to bomb the very equipment they have provided only a few years ago to the Iraqi army.

They have created an enemy and an excuse to constantly bomb and exploit this enemy, all while robbing and exploiting the resources of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan time and time again. 

That being said, any reference to this as a conspiracy theory is completely naive and is rooted in the ignorance of the nature of Neo-Colonialism altogether. That is all I have to say on this matter.